in the area

from rural polder to beach and dunes
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beach - dunes - forest

From De Panne to Nieuwpoort....Westhoek coastal area

Walking in the dunes .... a stroll on the beach

certainly the dune forests between Adinkerke and De Panne, and the border path, are worth it

- Coastal walking route

- Taking the kids to the sea, 10 tips!

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the ideal outlet for the youngest and the young at heart....

including the Nr. 1 - Best new coaster in Europe....

- The Ride to Happiness

- Amika

- Anubis the ride

- Bumba's Playground

- DinoSplash

and all those other famous attractions and characters....

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Hiking & Cycling

De Moeren is a wonderful area for cyclists and walkers....

D Moeren route by bike is a beautiful tour that shows you all the characteristic features of De Moeren ....

- Castle-route with picknick

- route d'amour

- Hoeve-route

- Hiking! ...check the routes!

There are more than a dozen marked hiking trails in the Veurne region, from 5 to 16 km.

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